Bullseye Eggs

That's what I call them at least. What does your family call them? 

Who doesn't love an egg sandwich? All that runny yolk, and salty bacon, maybe some ooey gooey cheese? We all do - stop saying you don't. 

Yeah, well I didn't have all that on hand this morning - so I opted for another option - salty, buttery whole wheat toast with a perfectly fried egg right smack in the center. Oh, and when you're done, you get that little buttery circle of toast to soak up the remaining yolks, I mean - come on!

There's no real mystery to this dish; eggs, toast and a small glass.

I put about a tablespoon of butter (salted, duh) in a pan set over medium heat, then I add the bread. We don't have a toaster, so this is great option for me. Not only does this mean I don't have to turn on the broiler to toast my bread (yeah...my oven is my storage for all 75 thousand of my baking pans I just haaaaad to take with me to my very small New York City apartment. It's such a hassle to take everything out just to toast up some bread), but it means the whole piece of bread is getting nice and crunchy with the butter. Ends and all!

Toast the bread however you see fit. Then use the upside down glass to cut out a small circle in the center. Throw the toast back in the pan, turn your heat to low and crack an egg right in the center of the hole. Let it cook to your desired cookedness (that's not a word.). 

I find it's easier to toast the bread first then cut the circle out - but it's up to you of course. 

That's about it folks. I usually sprinkle a bit of garlic powder on top, some black pepper and ketchup ('cause apparently I'm like a 5 year old who needs to put ketchup on anything and everything). 

Is everyone catching up on the new season of Downton Abbey? You better be. Don't talk to me until you have. 

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January 17, 2013 at 1:25 PM

Mmm! These could be dressed up so many different ways ... or not! They are the easiest and best of breakfast fare!

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